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The Think Tank has now migrated to the Leeds Food Partnership.  


4 thoughts on “About the Think Tank

  1. Not immediately connected with urban growing in Leeds – but of huge importance – is a call for a global food treaty that would have as its aim the protection and promotion of healthy diets. An organisation called Consumers International (which does some fantastic work on food) and the World Obesity Federation are calling on the World Health Organization to develop a global convention that governments would sign up to. The convention would cover policies on topics such as junk food advertising to children, reformulation of processed foods to reduce salt and sugar, food labelling, and national definitions of what constitutes healthy and unhealthy foods.

    There is currently a social media campaign – a Thunderclap – underway, whereby people sign up to support the call for a food treaty. If this campaign is popular, it will be a great way of illustrating public support for regulation around food. It takes less than a minute to sign up.


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    1. Thanks for posting Annie – this is actually the right place for this (the Potting Shed would be the place for posts about urban growing). Would you like me to add you to the Think Tank email group? There are currently more people on that than are following this page.


      1. Hmm – that’s a shame. That thunderclap page only allows you to support on another platform such as Facebook. While I’d be happy to post on Facebook, I’m not content for a program to do this for me because I never quite know what’s actually happening. So whenever I get such a message I always click away. I wonder how many other people do the same, for the same reason? Pity if so. I can see why people do this – it’s a good way of getting a message shared widely – IF people are happy to share their friends lists with a website they don’t normally use 😦


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